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Ch. Firebuster's Gud Humor Man

Group First Awards in 2000

Judge Mr. Pete Dawkins

Northlake Kennel Club

December 6, 2000

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Judge Mrs. Mildred Bryant

Mongomery Kennel Club

November 26, 2000

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Judge Mr. Randy Garren

Tuscaloosa Kennel Club

November 25, 2000

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Judge Mr. Robert Moore

Anniston Kennel Club

November 24, 2000

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Judge Mr. Ray Swidersky

Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association

November 19, 2000

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Judge Mrs. Anna Wanner

Thronateeska Kennel Club

October 21, 2000

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Judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell

Charleston Kennel Club

September 10, 2000

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Judge Mr. Richard Bauer

Moore County Kennel Club

June 4, 2000

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Judge Mr. Eugene Blake

Birmingham Kennel Club

April 21, 2000

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Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger

Charleston Kennel Club

January 30, 2000

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Judge Mr. James Ham

Myrtle Beach Kennel Club

January 29, 2000

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Judge Mr. Joe Tacker

Tampa Bay Kennel Club

January 17, 2000

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Judge Mrs. Paula Bradley

Daytona Dog Fanciers Association

January 7, 2000

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