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Spice's Puppies Born January 12, 2001

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Korcula Midnight Escada "Jam"

Escada's Salt for Trailside "Salt"

Escada's Court of Coach K "Coach"

Breeding is: 
CH. Trailside's Loaded Dice  X  CH. Korcula Midnight Spice

To view Pedigree, go to:
3 Generation Pedigree                       5 Generation Pedigree

See more photos below.

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Puppies with their Grandfather BIS BISS Ch. Firebuster's Gud Humor Man

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New Born Puppies:  24 Hours Old

Dalmatian puppies are born pure white.  They begin to get spots within 10 days. 

Litter at 12 Days

Within 2 weeks spotting is visible and color (Black or Liver Brown) can be determined.

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Litter at 3 Weeks

By age 3 weeks, markings are distinct.   Puppies are beginning to walk.

Age 5 Weeks

By age 5 weeks, puppies begin to look like miniature Dalmatians.

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Sleeping Puppy at age 6 weeks

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